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About Tim

Tim Reaper's story is much like that of other kids, struggling to come to grips with how they fit into the world around them.  


Tim is not like the other kids. In fact, everything he touches, from the grass beneath his bony feet to the flowers he longs to sniff, wither at his touch.  Tim feels sad and alone until a chance meeting with an old, sick porcupine reveals that what makes him different from everyone else is actually what makes him special to others.


So ultimately maybe he is like other kids...


This non-secular tale of a young reaper's coming to grips with the reality of death will give families a chance to introduce the subject of death, be it a pet or family member.


Tim Reaper's choice to accept his peculiar differences and adapt his world to work within his own boundaries also speaks to other-abled people of all ages.


An ending that introduces death with dignity, all tied up in a healthy and fun story line with non-frightening characters will help parents communicate these varied and difficult to broach subjects with family members of all ages.

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